Feast your eyes on the delicious Texas Roadhouse menu: A comprehensive guide


Are you craving some mouth-watering, juicy steak or finger-licking ribs? Look no further than the Texas Roadhouse menu! This popular chain restaurant is known for its delicious food and lively atmosphere. From savory appetizers to delectable desserts, there’s something for everyone on their extensive menu. Whether you’re a regular customer or a first-time visitor, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive guide to all the tasty offerings at Texas Roadhouse. Get ready to feast your eyes (and taste buds) on some of the best dishes around!

Texas Roadhouse Menu

The Texas Roadhouse menu is packed with options that will satisfy any craving. Their appetizers are a great way to start your meal, featuring classics like loaded potato skins and fried pickles. For something a little different, try the rattlesnake bites – deep-fried jalapeno cheese bites served with a spicy dipping sauce.

Moving on to the sides, the restaurant offers everything from fresh-baked rolls to seasoned fries and mashed potatoes. Don’t forget about their famous cinnamon butter – it’s the perfect addition to any side dish.

For those looking for something lighter, Texas Roadhouse has an impressive selection of salads. The grilled chicken salad is a popular option, as well as the steakhouse filet salad topped with juicy strips of sirloin.

Of course, we can’t talk about Texas Roadhouse without mentioning their delicious entrees. From tender steaks cooked just how you like them to fall-off-the-bone ribs smothered in barbecue sauce, there’s something for every meat lover on this menu.

And finally, dessert lovers won’t be disappointed by the selection at Texas Roadhouse. The big ol’ brownie topped with vanilla ice cream is always a crowd-pleaser, but don’t overlook their other offerings like apple pie or cheesecake.

No matter what you’re in the mood for when dining out, Texas Roadhouse has plenty of tasty options that won’t disappoint!


Appetizers are the perfect way to start a meal at Texas Roadhouse! They have a range of options that will satisfy any appetite. Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy or something savory, their appetizer menu has got you covered.

One of their most popular appetizers is the Cactus Blossom. This dish features hand-battered and fried onion petals served with Cajun horseradish sauce for dipping. It’s crispy, crunchy, and bursting with flavor!

For those who prefer something on the spicier side, try out their Rattlesnake Bites. These bite-sized cheese and jalapeno-filled balls are coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried until golden brown. Served with ranch dressing for dipping, they’re sure to add some heat to your taste buds.

If you’re looking for a more classic option, go for their Fried Pickles! These pickles are sliced thinly before being breaded and fried until crispy. Served with ranch dressing as well these make an excellent choice if one prefers something tangy yet crisp.

Texas Roadhouse’s variety of appetizers will definitely excite your taste buds before your main course arrives! Make sure you come hungry as each portion size is quite generous – enough even to share between two people!


No Texas Roadhouse meal is complete without indulging in their mouth-watering sides. From classic favorites to unique offerings, the sides menu has something for everyone.

For those looking to keep it simple, seasoned fries and buttered corn are always a reliable choice. The loaded sweet potato is also a popular option, featuring marshmallows and caramel sauce on top of the perfectly cooked potato.

If you’re feeling adventurous, give the fried pickles or rattlesnake bites a try. Both options offer a crispy exterior with deliciously savory centers. And for cheese lovers, don’t miss out on the gooey goodness of their macaroni and cheese or cheesy mashed potatoes.

But perhaps one of the most iconic Texas Roadhouse sides is their famous rolls served with cinnamon butter. Soft and warm on the inside, with just enough sweetness from the accompanying butter – these rolls are hard to resist.

No matter what you choose from their extensive selection of sides, be prepared for generous portions that will leave you satisfied until your next visit!


Salads at Texas Roadhouse are no boring or plain side dish. They are a meal in themselves that bring together all the flavors and textures for a healthy yet delicious option. The salads come in three different sizes to cater to your appetite and can be customized with any dressing of your choice.

The Caesar Salad is the most popular pick among customers, which comes with crisp romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese, and flavorful Caesar dressing. If you’re looking for something more colorful and vibrant, opt for the House Salad filled with fresh mixed greens topped off with tomatoes, carrots, eggs, cheddar cheese, and bacon bits and served with your favorite dressing on top.

For those who want to add some protein punch to their salad bowl can choose from Grilled Chicken Salad or Steakhouse Filet Salad which has tender grilled steak slices on top of mixed greens along with onion rings.

In addition to these favorite options listed above there’s also an Avocado Bacon Crunch salad that features avocado slices atop mixed greens drizzled in a honey mustard vinaigrette!


The entrees at Texas Roadhouse are truly something to behold. From perfectly cooked steaks to hearty plates of ribs, there’s something for everyone on this extensive menu.

One standout item is the 16 oz. Prime Rib, slow-roasted and served with your choice of two sides. The meat is incredibly tender and flavorful, making it one of the most popular dishes on the menu.

If you’re in the mood for chicken, try the Country Fried Chicken or Grilled BBQ Chicken. Both options come with generous portions and are cooked to perfection.

Seafood lovers won’t be disappointed either – feast on a plate of Grilled Salmon or Fried Catfish while enjoying a refreshing cocktail from their full bar selection.

For those seeking a lighter option, there are also several salad choices available that can be topped with steak or chicken for added protein.

Texas Roadhouse offers an impressive variety of entrees that will satisfy any craving you may have. Don’t forget to save room for dessert!


No visit to Texas Roadhouse is complete without indulging in their delectable desserts. From classic favorites to unique creations, the dessert menu has something for everyone.

One of the most popular items on the menu is their famous Big Owl’ Brownie. Served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with hot fudge sauce, this rich and decadent dessert is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

For those looking for something a little lighter, the Granny’s Apple Classic comes highly recommended. This warm apple pie topped with cinnamon sugar and served with vanilla ice cream is a crowd-pleaser that never disappoints.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try out their Fried Pickles dessert – yes, you read that right! These crunchy dill pickle slices are coated in a sweet batter and fried until golden brown before being dusted with powdered sugar and served with caramel sauce for dipping.

And let’s not forget about their Homemade Ice Cream – available in flavors like Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, or Strawberry – it’s the perfect way to cool down after a hearty meal at Texas Roadhouse.

No matter what your preference maybe when it comes to sweets, Texas Roadhouse has got you covered. So go ahead and treat yourself to one (or two!) of these mouthwatering desserts – you won’t regret it!


The Texas Roadhouse menu offers a wide variety of delicious options that cater to everyone’s taste buds. Whether you’re in the mood for mouth-watering steak or flavorful salads, Texas Roadhouse has got you covered.

Their appetizers are perfect for sharing with friends and family, while their sides complement any entree perfectly. Their salads are fresh and tasty, offering a healthy option among all the indulgent dishes.

The entrees are where Texas Roadhouse truly shines – from fall-off-the-bone ribs to juicy burgers and steaks cooked to perfection. And let’s not forget about their famous buttery rolls!

End your meal on a sweet note with one of their amazing desserts like the Caramel Apple Gold Rush or Big Owl’ Brownie.

So next time you’re looking for a satisfying dining experience with great food at an affordable price, head over to Texas Roadhouse and feast your eyes (and stomach) on their amazing menu!

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