6 Easy Steps to clean your car exterior

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Is there anything more satisfying than cleaning your car exterior, watching the dirt on your car wash away to reveal a sparkling, brand-new vehicle?

Most likely not. To help you protect your vehicle’s body from various harmful elements and to help you feel more proud of it whenever you drive it, we’ve put together this quick and easy how-to-clean a car exterior guide.

Did you know that if a car isn’t washed for a while, things like droppings from birds, dirt, splattering bugs, etc., can stick to the surface and harm the paint permanently?

How to thoroughly clean your car exterior:

Step 1: Spray your wheels.

Since alloy wheels are often the dirtiest components of your car, cleaning them is a good place to start. The iron oxide dust that collects on the brake pads of your and other cars can accumulate on each wheel, making shiny alloys appear dull because it is closest to the road. Utilizing an alloy cleaner, such as Meguiar’s Ultimate Wheel Cleaner, can simplify the process of removing this dust, which can be challenging. Simply spray each wheel, then let the foam do its thing. Once the dirt has been completely broken down with this kind of product, you’ll observe that it changes colour, requiring only a simple wash and rinse.

Step 2: Eliminate the dirt on it

Even the dirtiest of cars can benefit from a good rinse to remove the bulk of the dirt. begin at the top of the car and allow gravity to do the work while you use your pressure washer, garden hose, or bucket of water to remove any loose dirt.

To clean your car exterior,  after rinsing away the loose dirt and mud, it’s time to get your hands dirty and begin scrubbing. In a bucket of warm water, mix your cleaning agent according to the directions on the bottle. 

We carry a wide selection of the Best car wash shampoo in India and specialized car cleaning formulas that remove even the toughest and most harmful stains, like iron oxides, which, if left unattended, can corrode paintwork. Then, begin wiping every inch of your painted surfaces by dipping a sponge or cleaning cloth in the solution.

Step 3: Rinse thoroughly 

Don’t be afraid to start over if there is still a film of dirt or a few stubborn dirt-filled corners. You can proceed to the next step after performing another clean to remove even the worst parts.

Step 4: Wash the windows.

Use a particular window cleaning solution to get your car’s windows looking clear and shiny because washing your car without being mindful can leave them looking streaky. A bug remover is a good option if the windshield is covered in caked-on bugs because it can dislodge even the hardest-baked-on insect graveyards.

Use your absorbent cloth or towel to wipe away any excess water before spraying each window and giving it a thorough wipe.

If you simply want a clean car, you can stop here and empty your bucket of water before packing up, but if you want to make a big impression on your neighbors with a car that shines even brighter, detailing is key.

Step 5: Wax It 

Waxing your car will safeguard the paint and finish. It essentially seals the exterior, shielding it from the elements, UV rays, salt, splattered insects, and bird droppings while maintaining the car’s brand-new appearance. The most common types of car wax are paste, liquid, and cream. While there is much discussion regarding the best brand or kind of wax to use, the majority of auto enthusiasts favor carnauba-based waxes in all their forms. About six to eight weeks are typically covered by one application of this wax.

Apply the product by either dipping an applicator pad into the wax container or pouring a small amount of liquid onto the pad. Although they can be bought separately, applicator pads are frequently sold with waxes.

Step 6: Change the Oil

Regular oil changes are the most significant preventative maintenance you can do for your car. The recommended oil type, capacity, filter type, and oil change intervals are listed in your owner’s manual. Oil change intervals of 3,000 miles have historically been advised, but depending on the vehicle and the oil used, oil life may be prolonged.

Even though more and more motorists rely on quick-lube outlets or their mechanics, oil changes are actually fairly easy to perform. The motor oil, oil filter, and any other supplies you require to complete the task yourself can be found only at Carorbis. 


In conclusion, by following these 6 easy steps to clean your car exterior, you can achieve a sparkling and well-maintained vehicle. But if this question comes to your mind, where to buy car accessories online? Remember, for convenient access to all the necessary car accessories online, be sure to explore Carorbis, which offers a wide range of options. Happy cleaning!


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